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It's our mission

to ensure all animals are treated with respect. Safe Escape will remove all animals, wildlife, and pests from your home, cottage, or property. We then repair the damage done by wildlife , animals or pests. Safe Escape is not just for pests and wildlife, we also deal with most Domestic, and Stray related problems too! Call us for your Animal Control needs in all the Leeds and Grenville area! Safe Escape is available to be your emergency contact for all your Animal Control and Removal needs!

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We believe all animals, domesticated and wildlife, deserve respect and a happy life. We ensure all animals are treated with respect and kindness in every situation!

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Removal and Prevention

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Restoration and Follow up

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Contact Us

When we do encounter injured or malnourished animals and wildlife, we will find the proper contact, organization, or company for that animal in any situation! We are trying to build contacts all over Ontario to help eachother grow!

Are Pests and Wildlife Damaging your property or moved into your home or cottage?

Wildlife is not supposed to move into your home or live on your property and cause damage, but sometimes it happens. You may not even be able to recognize what specific animal has moved in, but you recognize the patter of tiny claws scraping on the ceiling, or see mouse droppings on your floor. It’s not a good feeling.

Take a deep breath and relax. Safe Escape’s experienced Safe Escape Animal Control Technicians will help, Our highly-trained technicians will thoroughly assess your property and provide you with a comprehensive plan detailing:

-The level of infestation.

-The scope of the damage to your property.

-Which access points were used to get into your home.

-Strategy for Humane Removal and Relocation.

-Repair and Clean-up procedure.

Every situation is unique. As hard as you may try, Pets and wildlife creatures will not leave as easily as they come into your home. Kind, Respectful, and Hard Working, our knowledgeable technicians will offer you expert advice on how to keep your home, property, or cottage wildlife free.

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Our Goal

Our goal is work with our clients to safely remove domestic animals, pests, and wildlife animals from your home, property, business, or cottage. We then safely and humanely relocate that animal and its family, After relocation, we then repair the damage done by that animal, pest or wildlife and work with the home-owner, property-owner, or tenant to ensure we keep pests and wildlife out and from damaging your property in the future. We can teach you what YOU can do to further keep animals and wildlife from returning to your property.

Safe Escape is more affordable compared to other animal control and pest control and removal business's operating in our area and further. Safe Escape will never leave the captured wildlife with the home owner to "dispose of as you see fit" like most pest control and removal services. Unlike them, we never see an animal or wildlife as a inconvenience, or waste of time and money. We want all animals to find their way safely home or to a place they can not only survive but thrive!

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Our difference is that unlike most animal or pest control and removal companies we DO NOT leave the wildlife or animal with the home-owner or property-owner to "dispose of as you see fit" like most pest removal companies after a job is complete. Safe Escape will find a safe relocation area to release the wildlife back into its natural environment so the home owner or property owner can rest easy knowing that that animals is safe, and being relocated by a trained Animal Control Service Technician.

Unfortunately sometimes when it comes to pests like rodents, if level of pest infestation is to damaging to the property then further measures are used. Safe Escape does not however use spray chemicals at all in our removal of pests.

Sometimes animals and wildlife we encounter are hurt , injured or malnourished, and our goal is to eventually have contacts all over Ontario like SPCA, Mally's Third Chance Raccoon Sanctuary ASPCA. etc. to find that animal specific it's proper care and help, food, and rehabilitation. That is not our main focus, but it will become priority if/when we recover injured wildlife!

Safe Escape has the proper equipment, traps, tools, training, and knowledge to handle any situation involving wildlife (raccoons, skunks, squirrels, rats, bats, birds, etc.) , and domestic animals (dogs, cats, and birds, snakes, turtles, etc.). Safe Escape trains our Animal Control Service Technicians not only to humanely handle and safely relocate domestic and wildlife animals (including aggressive Dogs and Cats, Strays of all types , Bats, Birds, and so much more). But also to read animal behaviour, tells, and cues to find out if that animal is actually aggressive, or just scared or anxious.

What Makes Us Different?

There are so many reason why you would want to call a trained Animal Control Service Technician to capture, remove and relocate wildlife damaging your property, cottage, or home;

-Safe Handling of Wildlife

-"No-Spray" rodent and pest removal

-Proper Equipment (Kevlar bite gloves, humane traps, of all sizes and types, grab poles, nets of all sizes, bait boxes, aggressive dog handling equipment, and so so much more)

-Experience with animals and all wildlife, as well as dogs of all breeds and temperaments

- Understanding dog, animal, and wildlife behaviors in general

-Careful Transportation and Relocation of Wildlife

-Convenience as a home-owner to have not only the wildlife removed, but also to have the damage repaired correctly

-Afterwards we work with you to teach you how to prevent further damage to your property and ways to humanely keep wildlife away.

-Knowledge that the wildlife or animal removed is SAFE and not being put down or mistreated for convenience.

We are experienced in carpentry, and construction, and general labor to help repair the damage caused by animals and wildlife. Safe Escape is a local family owned and operated business located in Brockville, our mailing address is 14 Pearl St. E. #1. We want our community to know that Safe Escape is humane, safe, and always reliable. We envision Safe Escape as everyone's emergency contact for all animal control and removal issues. We are also open 24/7, 365. We can not only help home-owners and property owners with animal control, wildlife removal and repair, but we also work on domestic animal control issues also. Like safe transportation, and removal of domestic animals.

We have the proper training, tools, and equipment for any situation including Domestic animal related, or wildlife animal related situations. We have such equipment as; catch poles, Kevlar bite Gloves, cat nets, spray proof skunk traps, one way entry metal excluders, humane pressure plate traps of sizes, proper transportation, and so much more. All my life I've grown up around large dogs, animals like raccoons, and in general a lot of wildlife. I started training dogs and volunteering and in general became interested in animals at a young age. As the owner of Safe Escape I have taken my MLEO (Municipal Law Enforcement Officer) and Animal Control Officer course. Myself and my very knowledgeable employees love being around animals, helping them, and seeing them healthy and happy. We're very happy to be here for our community and always ready to help!

Why Call Us?

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Brockville's Local


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Make a Difference By Yourself

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Ontario Native Plants

  • Black Eyed Susans - These will help and attract butterflies and birds.
  • Bee Balm - Attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds!
  • Milkweed - Helps the survival of the Monarch Butterfly
  • Purple Coneflower - A perfect perch to attract all the bees!
  • Black Cherry Tree - Attracts many birds such as Robin, Oriole, and Finches
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Keeping Raccoons Away

  • Secure your trash bins! Place a cinder block on top or attach with a bungee cord.
  • Block Access to hiding places use wire mesh, metal sheets, or another durable material so they cant get in.
  • Scent Reppelents vinegar, cayenne pepper, and garlic deters raccoons
  • Motion Detected Lights place it in a strategic location to scare them off
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Other Ways to help

  • Be an advocate Speak up and spread the word to others if you see abuse of animals!
  • Get involved with a shelter whether that be volunteering at a shelter, adopting, or fostering a pet it's always great to try and do your part to
  • ID tag or Microchip your pets if your pet gets out, this will help ensure they're returned to you
  • Turn your backyard into a sanctuary for your pets

Dog Paw Prints
Dog Paw Prints

Removal and Prevention

Safe Escape always takes the most immediate, humane and effective approach to the removal of wildlife and pests from homes, cottages, and property. Our process is safe and effective for our clients, and children and their pets.

Interior removal of Wildlife:

Using the information gathered from our in person assessment, we will develop a strategic plan for the placement of humane traps, bait traps, one-way door excluders and/or bat cones in key locations around your home, cottage or property. Using knowledge and experience to select the right bait to lure the very wary wildlife.

Live Trapping

Whenever possible Safe Escape absolutely prefers wildlife to be relocated safely and humanely. Live traps are set up and monitored often to assure the offending captive is released quickly and safely back into the outdoors. We will bait our set traps with the proper bait for that specific animal.

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Raccoon Control

Usually described as cute, curious, and nosy, the furry raccoon can often be extremely destructive to your property, home, and cottage as they are active all year-round, tearing, digging through anything including the structure of your home. Their bandit like facial hair pattern lends humour to the fact that they will do nearly anything to steal garbage, destroy property, burglarize and break into your home or cottage, using force and claws if necessary. We are trained to locate entry points and use humae traps to trap and safely relocate.

Skunk Control

There is no mistaking the white-streaked stinky black furry coat of a skunk. They have the ability to cover you with their noxious oily spray and they do sometimes carry rabies, it is always advisable to contact an animal control professional for safe and humane removal.

Bird Control

A flock of birds or the pesky presence of a single bird trapped within your home, attic, cottage, or even garage can pose a health hazard, and cause damage. Bird droppings can have lasting effects on decks, vehicles, and exterior paint, as well as your health. We use humane traps to secure the birds and relocate them outside your home.

Pest Control

Rodents and other smaller pest can be extremely damaging to your home, and also very toxic for your family and pets. Safe Escape will do out best to humanely remove all pests. Unfortunately sometimes when it comes to pests like rodents, if level of pest infestation is to damaging to the property then further measures are used. Safe Escape does not however use spray chemicals at all in our removal of your pest. Removal of rodent and smaller pests in this way is a last resort.

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Restoration and Follow Up

Once our trained Animal Control Technician has completed the removal, relocation, prevention, disinfection, and repair work, we will schedule follow up appointments if necessary to check any traps or bait boxes.

Safe Escape Animal Control can offer services in disinfection, deodorization and restoration. Our technicians are fully trained to provide any cleanup or decontamination needed to reduce the risk posed by wildlife waste build-up in your insulation and the rest of the home.

Finally, we will review the success of wildlife removal and provide you with a written receipt.

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Estimate Fee

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This is an estimate fee for a trained Safe Escape Animal Control Technician to come to your property, home, or cottage and investigate the situation. We want to learn every detail, and exactly what needs to be done to ensure success. This Fee pays for our transportation, and time for us to go over ever possible solution. We take all of our gathered information and come up with a plan to ensure we make your home or property yours again, and a price you can feel good about.

You pay less with Safe Escape!

Compired to all other animal control or pest control and removal BUSINESS in our beautiful area!

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Every situation is different, and that means that prices are dependant on things such as:

-how many animals or pests are on location?

-What damage has been done to your property, and needs to be repaired?

-how often relocation is required?

-Where is your home or property located?

-How many traps will we need to ensure we succeed

-is this a solely outside job or has more then one location been effected inside too

and so much more!

Circumstantial Based Pricing

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Large Animals








Large domestic animals (Snakes, Large Lizards, Parrots, etc.)

-and so much more!

Small/Medium Animals

-Ermine (Weasels, Ferrets, Muskrat)




-Rodents (Mice, Moles, Voles, Rats, etc.)

-Birds (Pidgins, Doves etc.)

-Small/Medium domestic animals (Lizards, Snakes


Pricing for domestic animals is also based on how many animals need to be transported, how large each animal is, where Safe Escape is transporting the domestic animal(s) to, and who is receiving the animal after transportation. After going over these details and more with our Safe Escape Animal Control Technician, we can give you a detailed estimate, price and plan for how we can safely transport your domestic animal to its destination.

Large animal removal and relocation

Pricing is dependent on each animal. We do not charge to relocate babies that fee is included with the mothers removal and relocation fee. We want to make sure we try to always do our very best to keep family together while being transported or safely removed and relocated. Price for trapping and relocating is $250 per large animal up to 3 ($750), (anything above 5 large animals is $100 each, that means two free animal relocations!). That includes all removal and relocation services specific or that situation. Every situation is different, Sometimes aggressive dogs can attack or cause problems and that situation is different than catching a skunk and relocating it safely. Our skilled and trained Animal Control Technician will estimate a cost after reviewing every detail of the situation and specific services required. Our services may include;

Specific Baits, Equipment, Relocation Costs, Vehicle Fuel, Cleaning and Disinfecting, Rental fees for the traps (regardless of how many days it takes till capture we will keep multiple traps baited to ensure success), Labor cost for Catching an aggressive domestic or wildlife animal, Material Prices and Labor for the Repairs, etc. Safe Escape's trained Animal Control Technician will work with you to provide the most cost effective solution to your specific situation.

Small/Medium Animal, Pest, or Wildlife Removal and Relocation

Pricing is dependent on each situation. Every situation is different, recapturing a lost cat and getting it home safely is different than ridding someones home of 100's of mice, and only because of that we base you prices on what we learn at your location. Price is dependent on how many traps are required, how many days they need to be used for(that is often something we cannot predict). Our skilled and trained Safe Escape Technicians will estimate a cost after reviewing every detail of the situation and what specific services are required. Our services may include;

Specific Baits, Labor fees,changing of traps, Equipment, Relocation Costs, Cleaning and disinfecting, Rental fees for the traps (regardless of how many days it takes till capture we will keep multiple traps baited to ensure success ), catching an aggressive domestic or wildlife animal, and more. Safe Escape's trained Animal Control Technician will work with you to provide the most cost effective solution to your specific situation.

Serving Brockville, Leeds and Grenville, and all surrounding area!

Safe Escape Animal Control and Removal Pricing

Repair Pricing

All costs are depend on each situation, every is different in size and amount of required materials and labor costs. A qualified Safe Escape Technician will give you an estimate for materials, repairs, and labor cost after reviewing the site and required tasks. We recommend repairs to stop wildlife from causing more damage.

Domestic Animals

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Contact Us!

service number:

( 613)802-7499


Business Hours:

We are Open 24/7!

365 days

We are available to be your emergency contact in the Leeds and Grenville Area for all your Animal Control and Removal situations!

We Serve Brockville, Leeds and Grenville, and All Surrounding Area!

For more information about if you are located within our area of service call (613)802-7499